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Skillmaker is committed to making work-place skills training accessible to all via Free online training courses that are built by industry for industry using the tools and platforms of the internet. "Work skills training for all".


Industry Professor Association (INDPA)

Industry Professor Association (INDPA) is a non-profit organisation that recognizes and rewards member's contribution to global learning and education. INDPA helps its members profit from their experience. Our mantra is "Rewarding experience".


Equip Grow Lead

Equip Grow Lead specialises in the development of resources and materials to support delivery and assessment of AQF qualifications. We offer a wide range of high quality services to RTO's to assist in every facet of RTO management and training coordination including course writing, assessment writing, internal auditing and AQTF compliance, resource development and continuous improvement.



Answers to questions about education disruption and reform by online education thought leader Peter Baskerville, and posted on Quora's global Q&A discussion forum.

(Latin: nanos gigantum humeris insidentes) is a Western metaphor with a contemporary interpretation meaning "One who develops future intellectual pursuits by understanding and building on the research and works created by notable thinkers of the past". Nowmaster recognises that many brilliant people have provided the opportunity to now build a new reform in education and learning.